A Skipper Drown At Sea: His Wife – ” David Was The Best “

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Jacques Louis David, 46, drowned at Flic en Flac on Friday when his yacht overturned. Sukriyé, his wife, is now sadly facing a deep sadness.

Sukriyé, 38, resident of Pointe-aux-Sables and mother of three children, was shot dead after seeing the body of her husband. Met at the mortuary of the Victoria hospital in the presence of his relatives, sukriyé unfortunately collapsed. She cries all the tears out in her body, thinking back to the tragic loss of her husband. “David was the best skipper. His customers liked him and he never had any complaints. He operated as a skipper for over 10 years and his work was impeccable and genuine. He was not living an easy life, but he always managed to overcome obstacles,” said Sukriyé in tears and deep sorrow.

The Swiss is still in shock. “Friday, February 12 was a black day for me and my family. It is grief that drives our heart and Sunday is Valentine’s Day. For the first time I will be alone, I cannot imagine life without him. When I think I have to learn to live without my husband, I have chills,” cries Sukriyé in sadness.



The Love Story of David and Sukriyé:

Sukriyé “The storm woke my heart”

Sukriyé and David met for the first time at sea, in Black River. It was on the 7th April 2008. “I came to Mauritius to seek work as a skipper. My friends and I always talked with David and he was very cool. I enjoyed his presence very much. Then, for six months, I accompanied him when he took his offshore clients,” she said.

And one day in 2008, while Sukriyé and the other skipper were alone on the boat, at sea, the weather suddenly changed. “Our craft is more advanced and my feet were trapped between the propeller and the hull,” recalled Sukriye.

David then helped me to free my feet. He then pushed the boat out to the reefs. “That day, I realized I was in love with David. He also confessed to me about his love. This storm has awakened my heart. In 2010, our son was born in April and I married David. Today I find myself alone and I have not informed my family about the drama yet,” cried Sukriyé.


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