Baie-Du-Cap: A Young Woman Slashed By Her Father

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Kelly H., a 28 years old mother of two young children, narrowly escaped death last Sunday, February 7th. The resident of Baie-du-cap spent four days in hospital after being assaulted by her father, a driver of 56 years.

The incident occurred on Sunday, February 7th and on that day, Kelly H., aged 28, returned home around 7:10 p.m.. “When my father arrived, he increased the volume of the radio and my youngest child was sleeping. I then asked him to turn it down and that put him out of it. He began to insult me and threatened to kill us, me and my children,” recalled the young woman.

Her father, she said, was visibly under the influence of alcohol. She then decided to flee with his godfather, who lives a few meters away. Furious, the father of Kelly took a knife to slash her daughter in the face and hands. « Li finn etrangle mwa. Linn dir li pou touy mwa. Okenn fami pa rant kot nou. Zot per mo papa ki enn dimounn violan. »

Relatives alerted the Bel-Ombre Police. Meanwhile, Kelly’s father had fled. Kelly, later, was taken to the Rose-Belle hospital where she underwent several surgeries. Wounded six parts of the face, forehead and arm, she received no less than forty stitches.



Police from Rose-Belle recorded the statement of the young woman from her hospital bed on Tuesday, 9 February. “My attacker, who threatened to kill us, my two children and me, has not been arrested yet,” said Kelly.

She says that it is very painful to denounce her father. “He threatened us, my children and me several times. This Sunday
February 7, he showed us his true nature. He is unworthy to be called a father! ”

Since the incident, Kelly and her children went at a relative’s place. She began legal proceedings to obtain a Protection Order against her father and she wants it to be apprehended quickly. At police level, we are informed that the investigation is ongoing.

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