Cannabis Plantation Found In A House At Albion.

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Inside the four walls of his house, a resident of Albion had established an impressive structure for growing cannabis. This was discovered the Anti- Drug and Smuggling Unit, 4th February .

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The men of Mohun sergeant, with a search warrant, stormed the house floor rented by A. Rama Rao , 34 . Once inside, the police noted that the man lived on the ground floor. Upstairs, he had carefully set up a structure for the cultivation of ‘ skunk ‘, considered as a potent type of cannabis.

In one room, 27 small plants were grown , while in another 25 large plants were found. The sleuths also got hold of 350 grams of cannabis were found in a bag in sheets of newspaper.



Ingenious system

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They also seized eleven bags of cannabis weighing 84 grams. They felt they had been prepared to be sold on the local market.

Cannabis branches weighing 400 grams were allowed to dry in a cabinet. For the purposes of this inner cultivation of cannabis, Ravi Rao, already known to the police for a drug case, had set up an ingenious system for light control, ventilation, temperature and humidity, between other.

“Tou ti bien dan ord, zoli net sa system lin fer la,” observed a policeman. No. 1 of the ADSU ‘Deputy Commissioner of Police’ Bhojoo had made the trip to this arrest.

During questioning, the suspected drug trafficker, a professional painter, said he cultivated these plants gandia for personal consumption.

Ravi Rao meets drug trafficking in court Bamboo and he was imprisoned. The market value of the drugs seized is estimated at Rs 800,000.

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