Are Mauritius Police Well Trained and Ready Physically To Take Challenges?

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Are our police officers  enough trained and ready enough physically to face reality when doing their missions? 


For effective policy, it must go back to the same root system. According to Jaylall Bhoojawon from the Police Federation, recruitment is an important step.

“We need to recruit burly policemen and those who may face challenges. The perpetrators are well equipped from day to day, and our police cannot stay back,” says Jaylall Bhoojawon.

The inspector Shiva Coothen of Police Press Office explains that situations faced by police officers are often difficult. During an operation, he said, the officers remain focused on their goal.



“It may be that there are scuffles during operations. We do not let us attack, but we do so to our mission,” says Shiva Coothen.

Concentrated, but above all to act according to the situation, argues Reshad Delawarally, former police superintendent.

Capable of reacting or not, assaulting a police officer in function is a crime. And the police will remain intransigent from this kind of attitude.


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