Camp De Masque Pave Double Murder: The Parents Returned From Australia Today

Vikram and Asha, the parents of the schoolgirl of 13 killed on Friday, February 26 because of a love revenge, are returning home on Saturday.

The couple emigrated to Australia since early 2014. The father is a mechanic on his own and the mother, baby sitter.

Yeshna and brother of 12, who was seriously injured by the alleged murderer, had spent their last holiday with their parents.

The schoolgirl and her brother were living with their grandparents since their parents emigrated to Australia.



It was horror at Mare aux Goyaves, Camp de Masque Pavé last Friday afternoon, 26 February. Yeshna, and his grandmother Rughoobin Reshma, 54, were brutally stabbed in their home by a man named Tavish A. The latter, aged 17, landed in Rughoobin family’s house at Mare aux Goyaves. According to the police version, he was intending to convince the grandmother of his love for his granddaughter, Yeshna. However, Reshma did not see this love story with a good eye, and he could no longer bear any obstacles that arose in this relationship.

The brother is still admitted to the intensive care unit of the Flacq Hospital.


Yeshna’s parents have returned at 14 h 50 On Saturday. They then went to Flacq hospital to see their son Yovi.

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