Should The Capital Punishment In Mauritius Be Re-Introduced?


raj dayal

The question was asked on the show in the heart of the info. Raj Dayal, former police commissioner and current Minister of the Environment, agreed on introducing the capital punishment, on a personal level.

Provided, he says, that we can prove beyond doubt the guilt of a suspect and that no miscarriage of justice is done.

The criminologist, Reena Ramsurrun believes, meanwhile, that the death penalty could be a deterrent only if it is accompanied by an effective system of crime detection and resolution. “In itself, she added, capital punishment does not deter murder.” The death penalty can give results in case of premeditated and deliberate,” she says.



If the journalist, Ahmad Macky is for the reintroduction of the death penalty, stating that it should only be applied in cases of premeditation. Lindley Crown, NGO, argues that the death penalty will not solve the crime problem. “Capital punishment or not, there will always be atrocious crimes. No society in the world has solved the crime problem with the introduction of the death penalty,” he said.

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