Assaulted By 20 Men , A 27 Year Old Man Lost His Hands.

In the early morning, Wednesday 2nd March, a bloody scene occured on Royal Road Banane Rose Belle.


A man of 27 year old, who worked as a metal worker, was found with both hands severed. He was taken to hospital Jawaharlall Nehru, where he was admitted to the intensive care unit.

According to available information, the young man was attacked by twenty individuals. They were wearing masks and were armed. The survey is conducted by the chief inspector Dhurmasingh Ramessur, the Khemraj Joyeprakash inspector under the supervision of the assistant police superintendent, Satiajev Callychurn.



It all started when a resident of New Grove received a call to tow a van down the Royal Road of Banane. He sent his son, a metal worker by profession, and a friend of the latter, a man of 24 years old.

The incident happened when the sheet metal worker began to tow the van and then, about 20 individuals got out of a sugarcane field. The 24 years old man was hit on the head and he had to be urgently admitted to the hospital.

Is it a reckoning? Investigators dismiss any hypothesis.


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