Camp De Masque Pave Murder – Small Tushal Relates How He Acted DEAD For 10 Minutes

“I pretended to be dead in order to alert the neighbors,” says Tushal Rughoobin to investigators from his hospital bed; being the sole survivor of the tragedy that took place last Friday, February 26th at Camp de Masque Pavé.
The boy of 11 years is now able to speak, even if he is not fully recovered. He lost his sister Yeshna , 13, and her grandmother Reshma, 54, killed coldly at home with a knife by a 17 years old boy.
This double crime was committed on love revenge background; the grandmother of Yeshna was not too convinced of the claims of the teenager who said he was in love with the schoolgirl.


Wounded with knives, Tushal Rughoobin has been hospitalized since 26th of February in the Flacq Hospital, where he is recovering slowly.
Tushal tells the investigators how he was surprised by the presence of the suspect in his house on his return from school. The suspect, without any warning, stabbed Tushal several times on his back. The 17 years old boy, apparently, had already assaulted Reshma, the grandmother.
Bleeding profusely, Tushal is thrown to the ground. But he’s still conscious. He tells the investigators how he watched his attacker, who believed Tushal was dead, pacing around the house. Fearing the slightest noise or movement, his attacker will not hesitate to stab him again, he played dead while waiting for rescue.
Meanwhile, her sister Yeshna comes home, and discovered him lying in a pool of blood. Then, the scene followed with a heated argument between the suspect and Yeshna.
The suspect brings Yeshna in another room of the house. It is at this point that Tushal gets up and leaves the house to alert neighbors.
The questioning of Tushal was suspended at this stage due his health issues. Investigators will take his statement in the coming days.

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