Double Murder At Camp De Masque Pave – Vikram Rughoobin “Yeshna Was Dreaming Of Australia”

A week already passed after the massacre in Camp de Masque Pavé. The pain is intense. We also felt the pain after entering the house of Rughoobin at Proag Lane, Mare aux Goyaves, Camp de Masque-Pavé this week. Vikram Rughoobin was lost in thoughts. Difficult for him to contain his tears talking about his daughter Yeshna, 13, and her mother Reshma, both killed last Friday, February 26th.

The father continues to whisper a sentence: “Yeshna was a good girl. “He remembers she loved life, she excelled in her studies and her dream was to become a teacher.” Besides, when we were in Mauritius, she was accustomed, after school hours, to take her dolls to put on a bench by treating them as his students while playing the role of teacher. ”



But what this wounded father remembers most is that Yeshna dreamed of joining them quickly in Australia. “On Thursday 25 February, she even asked me if everything was ready. Since my two children were to join us next month, my wife and I already had everything prepared to receive them.”

Now, he recounts, procedures have taken longer than expected. “The children were to join us since last year but the process has been slow.” He was convinced that “si bann demars pa ti tarde, mo tifi ti pou avek mwa zordi”.

Memories of holidays that his children have spent with him and his wife, the land of kangaroos, all returned to him: “That was in November 2014. The children, my wife and I visited several places in Australia. I even bought an inflatable pool for my daughter. She loved it. She was eager to come and live there.”

“Everything changed”
But “everything changed,” says Vikram. Besides, the biggest fear of the couple when he left Mauritius in early 2014 to work in Australia was misfortune that can happen to their children. “We had no peace of mind. We always thought of our children. There was concern for them, especially when reading articles describing crimes committed in Mauritius. Nou ti touzour ena enn frayer enn kitsoz ariv nou zanfan kan nou pa la. Zordi monn perdi mo tifi ek mo mama,” says Vikram.

He stated that his wife and himself often called their children to hear from them. “If we left Australia, it is to provide a better life for our children, because life is expensive in Mauritius.” Vikram does not indeed account to let his son here.” As soon as the situation returns to normal, I’ll take him with me. ”

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