Mother Of 40 Marries Her Son Of 23 Years And She’s 6 Months Pregnant For Him

What is bizarre is that the son she expects will be at the same time her little son. The Zimbabwean of 40 years, Betty Mbereko, who seems to be quite beautiful and young for her age, a widow for 12 years began a relationship since 3 years with her son, Farai Mbereko aged 23, after refusing to marry the younger brother of her husband after the death of the latter, as is the tradition in her country.

Six months pregnant for her son, with whom she is in love, the widow awaits both her child and her son’s child and decided to formalize their relationship by marrying him. Then, her son will be at the same time her little son… unbelievable.

In the court of her village that had summoned her for an explanation of this incest, the mother claimed to have spent much money to educate his son alone after the death of her husband, she has the legitimate right to keep him to enjoy the fruits of her efforts. Knowing that she’s the one who loves him from the bottom of her heart and says that he will never have another woman who would love him that much.

Editor’s thought:

Out of all the millions of news we have in the world this one caught my attention. INCEST, is what we call it, but for some it is call love. I am sure everybody knows about this saying “Love is blind”, well in my opinion it is deaf and mute too. A mother of 40 marries her own son of 23, with whom she is already 6 months pregnant. UNBELIEVABLE ! Isn’t it! When questioned about their act, they stunned everybody in their village. This is what the mother had to say, “Look, I strove alone to send my son to school and no one helped me. Now you see that my son is working and you accuse me of doing something wrong.
“Let me enjoy the products of my sweat,”.  The local headman Nathan Muputirwa, said that in the past they would have been killed for this kind of act, as per the tradition if the husband dies, the woman has to marry one of her late husband’s brothers, which clearly did not happen. So now, the question that bothers me is, How is their child going to introduce his friends to his mother/grandmother? This is the start of confusion in the family tree. Years from now their grand kids will have a tough time figuring out the members of the family. 

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