Double Murder In Camp De Masque Pavé: The Courage Of Rughoobin Family

Rughoobin Family

The pictures at the front of their house at Camp de Masque Pavé, made headlines in all the newspapers. The green room and the chairs that were used for the funeral are still in their yard. More than a week ago, Reshma & Yeshna Rughoobin perished, killed by their neighbor, just 17 years old. He caused 21 stab wounds to both. The boy, shy of nature, was also hard on a child of 11, Tushal Rughoobin, who is still in hospital.

And time has stopped for the Rughoobin family when journalists met them on Tuesday afternoon, five days after the tragedy. “Come in, come,” says one of the uncles,”Have a seat” The welcome is amazing.

The Rughoobin family has no intention of scaring journalists. They have things to say. The faces, the pain seems to have given way to anger. Suresh, sitting in front of a huge picture in which he poses with his late wife, whom he affectionately called “Mama” starts. “Ki kalité kontan sa ? Kontan pou vinn touyé ? Mansonz sa !” Suresh guides us all through the house, shows us the hiding place of the alleged killer, and takes us up to the room where his wife fell. “Linn pik Mama dan lédo ler Mama tipé rod sové.

Meanwhile, Ravi and Asha, Yeshna’s parents have just returned from Flacq Hospital, where they had gone to meet Tushal,”the only child they have left.” Silence! The whole family wants to hear about the boy. “Pann dir li ki Didi inn alé,” says Ravi. Asha remained silent. Moments after, the couple disappeared inside the house. After a few minutes, Ravi returns, towel in hands. Asha was just behind him and says a few words only.

Tushal will come with us in Australia. Yeshna also but in our heart.



Every day, it will be the same refrain, for a while at least. The morning visit to the hospital and, after that, journalists again and again journalists. But the family did not complain. She wants to show that she is strong and courageous. We are allowed to ask any questions: the terrible events, the health of Tushal, pain, and especially the future. “We live for Tushal. It symbolizes the courage of Rughoobin family. He will come with us to Australia. Yeshna also, in our heart,” says Ravi.

For the inhabitants of Camp de Masque-Pavé, also, the wounds have still not healed … “For 82 years I’ve lived in Camp de Masque Pavé-and this is the first time I see a procession of two bodies,” says Simon Riche. This retiree has a habit of “kass enn poz” near the place called “Contour”. Still sitting in the same place, always on the same “ross”, his eyes hidden behind sunglasses, have seen green and not ripe. “But it happened here, in my hometown, it’s a never-seen before”.

In the village, next to Simon Riche, Rajiv Booba, vegetable seller, was listening to our conversation staring at us. He is a man who has not digested what happened. He sulks.
The up-and-coming journalists seems to exacerbate more. “Kuma pou fer pou al get garson pou maryé ar tifi Camp de-Masque-Pavé aster ? Fami garson pou dir mové dimounn sa,” he claims.
Over time, people will eventually forget, right? “Ki ou ganyé ou ? Kapav blyé sa ?» He added: «Nu pou viv, me pa pou blyé…
Here, nothing is as before. Smiles are rare with distorted faces. Twist of fate, a knife fell from the pocket of one of the villagers who is a cultivator of banana. But an icy silence betrays the embarrassment and inconvenience of this knife.
One of the villagers then said a sentence in Bhojpuri, as if to lighten the mood. But the “Chouri” (Editor’s note knife) does not make us laugh. The party will not last long. Night is falling. The group disperses.
Tomorrow is another day, but with the same bad memories …

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