Brawl In Vallee Pitot – 3 Men Arrested


A fight broke out between members of two families in Vallée-Pitot, Sunday, March 6. During the altercation, a young man living in the area, aged 22, was beaten. Three of his alleged attackers were arrested. A provisional charge of vagrancy has been given to them.

A relative of one of the three attackers said that the incident took place at around 1 PM. Two of his nephews had gone to the bakery when they have had an altercation with members of the other family involved in the fight.



Also, according to the relatives, shortly after the incident, these persons went to the house of their nephews. They have, reportedly, threw stones and damaged two glass panels. Police of Vallée-Pitot and the Divisional Supporting Unit elements were summoned to the scene to calm down the persons involved.

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