In The South Of Mauritius: His Wife Just Delivered Their Baby And He Abused Of Her Sis-In-Law


What was to be a great moment of joy with family turned into a nightmare. While his wife had just given birth to their second child, Reaz (*), 21, allegedly abused his sister-in-law. He was arrested on the 10th of February.

The story dates back to December 16, 2015. That day, the wife of the young man gives birth at the Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital, Rose-Belle. Reaz made trips between his home in a village in the south, and the hospital for two days and then decided to skip the next visit.

On the 18th of December, he said to the relatives of his wife that he can not go visit his wife because :”I have to go to the funeral of a family member.” So they all went to the hospital, except he and his sister-in-law, 15 years old, who stayed home to look after the couple’s first child.



Now, according to the teenager, Reaz never left home. He even took advantage of the absence of other family members to sexually assault her. She added that he came into the room where she was and closed the door, before confessing his attraction to her. Then, he forced her to undress and abused her.

Once the abuse committed, the young man threatened the teenager. According to the latter, he said: “Si to dir kikenn, mo pou fer dimal to ser ek bann zanfan-la.” She has tried to keep this big secret for herself but eventually cracked, she got out of her silence last month. Thus, on February 10, police arrested his brother-in-law.

However, he has denied the charges against him. He admitted that on December 18, there was no funeral in his family, but said that he went to a fishing trip. He appeared before the court of Souillac in provisional rape charge. He remains in police cell custody.

(*) Changed name

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