India: Death Of A Teenage Girl Raped And Burned Alive

16 years old Indian girl who had been raped and burned alive on the roof of her house died from her injuries, said the police on Wednesday.
The girl burned over 90% during the assault on Monday died early Wednesday in a New Delhi hospital, said the police officer in charge of the investigation to AFP.

“Unfortunately, she could not be saved despite the efforts of the medical team,” said Ashwani Kumar.

“We have arrested the accused, aged 19, who is incarcerated. The investigation will help to understand the reasons and details of the crime,” he added.



According to the Indian press, citing the father of the victim, a neighbor from their village in the state of Uttar Pradesh (north) was harassing his daughter for a year despite the warnings.

Gang rape that resulted in the death of a student in a bus in Delhi in the late 2012 had highlighted the high level of violence experienced by women in India.

Rape act was tightened after the crime, in particular to speed up trials for rape and strengthen penalties.

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