India: Messi or Ronaldo? Not Agree, he kills his friend


Who among Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world? Not agree with his opponent, one Nigerian killed his friend last Sunday morning at Nala Sopara, a suburb of Mumbai, announced the Indian police on Monday.

“The two young Nigerians was discussing on football. One was a fan of Messi, the other was fan of Ronaldo. The dispute began. The victim then threw his glass to the face of the accused,” said the Inspector Kiran Kabadi, the Indian police.



“The glass broke and caused minor injuries. After that, the accused took the broken glass and attacked the victim, who died after losing a lot of blood,” continued the officer, pointing to AFP that the assailant had been formally charged with murder.

The accused, a Nigerian national aged 21, had just celebrated the birthday of the victim, a 34 year old compatriot.

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