Alleged Bigamy: Pending Divorce, He Married Another Woman


A driver of 47 years, living in the North, was arrested last Friday. His wife reported him to the police on Wednesday for bigamy. He denies having contracted a second marriage. A priest was also arrested.

She did not digest that her husband had “married” another woman. * Devika, 42, mother of two children aged 13 and 18, had heard earlier this year that Rishi * had married Rita *, 33. Since their divorce has not yet been pronounced she started looking for evidence and came across pictures that accounts for a religious ceremony to celebrate a union. “I had the shock of my life after seeing these pictures. I immediately complained to the police,” says Devika.

She says she got into a civil marriage with Rishi on March 19, 1992, followed by a religious marriage. “Since 2010, our relation has deteriorated. My husband had an affair with another woman. His behavior had changed. He assaulted me very often. I went to the police and got a protective order,” says the mother.

Devika said that Rishi has, thereafter, “begged” to withdraw her complaint. “He also promised to change. I accepted. But in 2013, he said he no longer wants to live with me. He said he wanted to build a house. So we separated and he initiated divorce proceedings behind my back. Four months after our separation, on the eve of our anniversary, I received the divorce papers. I will never forget this insult,” she says.



Devika did not understand the eagerness of Rishi to remarry. “Our divorce is not finalized, and now he has married another woman, at least religiously,” she laments.

Following the complaint of Devika, Rishi was arrested on Friday morning. Earlier, he told The Sunday / L’Hebdo that his wife “made up stories” to harm him. Concerning investigators, he denied having married Rita. Confronted with the photos of the ceremony, Rishi could not tell any more words. “Rita and I are both in love with each other. We decided to live together. It is only a prayer, not a marriage. The prayer was held in November 14, 2014,” argued Rishi.

The priest who assisted this “prayer” was also arrested. He confirmed to the police that it was not a marriage ritual. “It was a special prayer said for Rishi and his new partner,” says the 33 years old male. Rita was also questioned by the police. She argued not having married Rishi and it was only a prayer. After her interrogation, she was allowed to go home.

Rishi and the priest have appeared in court of Pamplemousses. An interim charge of bigamy has been made against Rishi. Priest, for his part, has been charged with “Wedding by Unauthorised person according to the CSO Act.”

The inquiry is conducted by the sergeant, Beebeejaun and supervised by the chief inspector, Manoj Doorbejasing and ACP Domah.

(* Devika Rishi and Rita are modified names)

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