Fatima Amarkhan – “My Triplets Is A Dose Of Happiness And Love”


A strong connection keeps them them. Fashima and Akeel Amarkhan recently became parents of three little boys, triplets. Aware of the obstacles he is about to overcome, the couple is more than ever ready to face the challenges, by the love that unites the family.
In his heart, feelings jostle: astonishment, joy, love, excitement, admiration. There’s this indescribable happiness, this powerful and sublime love. But in his mind, there are also many questions. Will they be able to take care of three babies at once? Can they ensure financially? Sitting outside her small incubators placed in neonatology, Fashima continues to contemplate. For nine months she carried them in her womb. It has not always been easy, especially towards the end of pregnancy. But today, the woman has swept a backhand to all the difficulties that were presented to her. Love always wins, especially in front of her three small wonders.

Fashima Amarkhan always wanted one child. And growing up, Alina, her senior daughter, has repeatedly called for a little sister or a little brother. Before the sorrow and loneliness of their small, Fashima and Akeel decide to enlarge the family for Alina the greatest happiness. When in the third month, the young woman went to her doctor for an ultrasound consultation, and got the surprise. “There was not one but three. I could not believe it. I asked the doctor if he was sure of himself and he checked again. It was amazing. Three babies in my belly. I wept in joy,” recalls Fashima.

She gave birth to three boys last Thursday. Hours later, Alina, looking forward to the idea of ​​meeting her young companions, went to the nursery with her parents. “We did not tell her because we wanted to surprise her. She was thrilled. However, she said: ”Mom, I’m very happy but I had requested a single baby from you, not three. ”His cousins then ​​teased her by saying that they will take the babies and she was absolutely disagree,” said Fashima smiling.


Perfect Health

Admitted to the clinic Medisave , the young mother enjoys all the attention and support of the medical team, including Dr. Joomun attending for the second time in his career, the birth of triplets. Babies were born at 1.9 kg, 1.7 kg and 2 kg, and are closely monitored by two pediatricians. “Often in multiple pregnancies, couples resort to in vitro fertilization. But in this case, everything happened naturally. The babies were all three in different placentas. We had everything prepared and planned as there is still a high-risk pregnancy.

Cesarean delivery went well. The mom and the baby are in perfect health,” says the doctor. If Fashima is waiting eagerly to go home with her three boys, she knows that this will not always be easy. With three babies, there will be much to do, but she knows she can count on the help and support of her husband and his mom Shirin is a proud grandmother. Waiting to go home, and Akeel Fashima is already thinking of names they will give to their three little ones. What is certain is that the first names all begin with the letter A, like dad.

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