Murder Of Lee-Ann Palmarozza: Peter Wayne Roberts Speak Of An Accidental Death


The South African, Peter Wayne Roberts is suspected of killing his girlfriend, Lee-Ann Palmarozza on the night of December 29, 2014 at the Villa Anahita, Beau Champ.
The statements to the police as the South African, Peter Wayne Roberts and witness were read in evidence at the first hearing of the action brought against him at the Assizes for the murder of his girlfriend, Lee-Ann Palmarozza.
Not guilty, pleads Peter Wayne Roberts on Monday, March 14 at the opening of his trial at the Assizes before the judge, Benjamin Marie-Joseph.
Aged 39, Peter Wayne Roberts is charged with murdering his girlfriend the South African, Lee-Ann Palmarozza. She had been found dead in the swimming pool of the villa Anahita, Beau Champ, on the night of 29 December 2014.


In his statement to the police, Peter Wayne Roberts reported that Lee-Ann Palmarozza joined him on December 28, 2014 at Anahita. According to him, his wife was taking anti-depressants and was in a state of anxiety. She kept quarreling with him by accusing him of not taking care of her.
Peter Wayne Roberts, still in his statement to police, claimed that the death of Lee-Ann Palmarozza was accidental because she was taking antidepressants.
He also said on that day they had consumed alcoholic beverages and Lee-Ann Palmarozza had fallen several times, because she was under a strong influence of alcohol.
Peter Wayne Roberts is defended by Gavin Glover, while the prosecution is represented by Mehdi Manrakhan.
44 witnesses were summoned to appear in the trial at the Assizes which continues on Tuesday, March 15.

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