Stade GeorgeV: Incidents In The Republic Cup Final


Incidents erupted on Sunday, March 13 at the Stade George V in Curepipe in the final of the Republic Cup between ASPL 2000 and Cercle Joachim; match won by the Cercle Joachim 1-0.
After an hour of play, spectators threw bottles on the lawn. Some have even ripped seats to throw into the field. They were protesting against the arbitration.


Incidents Stade George V 1


3500 spectators arrived at George V to attend the final.

10 minutes were left to play in normal time when the Curepipien, Adjel Adjetey scooped a second yellow card and was expelled from the match. From there, Circle de Joachim tried to gain time. The goalkeeper, Yaw Godfred remained on the ground for at least three occasions following contacts.

On an action initiated by Andry Lalaina in the penalty area, Yaw Godfred has intervened forcefully and hit Ludovic Lafoudre.



A mouth-making between the two men quickly escalate Ludovic Lafoudre to send a blow to the head of the curepipien keeper. Consequence: he had a broken nose. The players were about to start a fight, as the situation evolves in the stands. Supporters of the APSL 2000 threw fireworks on the pitch in the direction of the referees, photographers and other officials.

The match was interrupted for 10 minutes, enough time to calm things down.




The APSL 2000 refusing its medals
Upon resumption, the referee quickly decided to end what should be a great final. It is under heavy police escort that the players have returned to the locker room. Besides, there was no medal giving ceremony as the APSL 2000 team refused to take the medals. Outside the stadium, the police had to redirect traffic because of the fans waiting for the referee to exit. Fortunately, calm quickly returned.

Parmendra Nunkoo headed the game, assisted by Akhtar Rossaye and Sailesh Gobin, while Kevin Emilien acted as the fourth referee. The match commissioner was S. Seereetun.

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