“Ajinomoto” Will Be Banned Start Of April


The announcement was made by Ashit Gungah, Minister of Commerce, at a workshop last Tuesday, March 15. In two weeks, in early April, sodium glutamate, known under the trade name “ajinomoto” in Mauritius  will be permanently removed from the market.
A decision that comes after consultations between ministries. In the edition of the L’Express dated 19 January, a government source also reported that although this food additive is very popular for Mauritians, it is considered dangerous in some countries. “It is clear that we are moving towards banning the ajinomoto,” she said at that time.


Moreover, during the workshop last Tuesday in Balaclava, it was a question of fight against self-medication, especially the abuse of antibiotics. Ashit Gungah also announced a review of the laws on consumer protection.

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