Energy Demand Is Too High: Part Of The Country In The Dark

Grand Bay, Grand Gaube, Amaury, Mahebourg, Souillac, Providence, part of Roches-Brunes, Tamarin, Flacq … So many regions dived in the black last night for three quarters of an hour.

The cause ? Two engines in the South could no longer fed the network because of an inability to provide the required power, creating an imbalance and required a shedding. “This is an exceptional measure. Work is in progress, “said a source at the Central Electricity Board (CEB). According to our investigations, more than 75 MW of electricity was missing on the network. Initially, the CEB had thought that it was a “small technical error” before realizing the scale of the problem. Even the central Omnicane has been affected.



As the director of the CEB, Gerard Hebrard, he evokes a short circuit caused by bats on high voltage lines. According to him, some 30 000 households were affected by the power outage.

The Central Nicolay plant’s gas turbines have been activated to restore the balance between demand and electricity supply. The CEB stated that subscribers would be reconnected as soon as possible, without specifying the percentage of households affected by these cuts.

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