AIR MAURITIUS – Megh Pillay: “65% Of Surplus Employees, Says Expert”


Air Mauritius has too many employees, noted the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Since his arrival last Tuesday, Megh Pillay has launched an in-depth analysis.
In an email to employees, he explained that in the world of aviation, the changes are so rapid that “we can not rest on our revenues of past successes.” The industry is growing by 5% a year for 30 years. “It has become so competitive that some airlines have been pushed out of the market despite a glorious past,” said Megh Pillay.
And Air Mauritius will have to rethink. He noted that the company “flies to fewer destinations, flying fewer hours, offering fewer seats and carries less cargo than it was 10 years ago. While it has the same number of aircraft (12). ”


The problem is that Air Mauritius “deploys 30% of employees extra and experts believe the company has 65% of surplus employees” Air Mauritius has about 2200 employees, not including those of its subsidiary Airmate.
“To meet the expectations of our partners and to secure our own jobs, the top priority will be to change tack in fundamentally changing the way we work,” said Megh Pillay.
The new CEO has two priorities: strengthening the company’s core business by providing the best quality of service and security, and at a reasonable price, and exploit new markets.

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