Kamlawtee: “I Saw My Son Die And I Could Not Save Him”


Ravichand Baskalawa Prakash, 34, was driving his truck around 5 am on Wednesday when they were hit near Riche Fond, Saint-Julien. He did not survive his injuries and his mother, 63, who was with him, was wounded.

The images of the accident still seem vivid in the memory of his mother. Kamlawtee was suffering from excruciating pain on Wednesday morning, around 4 am. Ravichand, her son decided to take her to the hospital in his truck without the trailer. He had to pickup a worker on his way. But arriving at the main street of Riche Fond, Saint-Julien, a bus driven by Deoraz N., 63, crashed his vehicle. Ravichand was violently thrown against the windshield of his truck before falling heavily to the ground. His mother was also projected on the asphalt. Ten bus passengers were injured. Ravichand Baskalawa, Kamlawtee, his mother and ten other injured were taken to the Flacq Hospital where the death of Ravichand Baskalawa was revealed. As for his mother, she signed the Discharge paper against medical advice before going home. Eight of the wounded were allowed to return home. The other two victims were admitted to hospital.



As for the bus driver, he went to Lallmatie police station to report the accident. Deoraz N., resident of Ecroignard, underwent an alcohol test which proved negative. “I was picking up workers to transport them to Sans souci Sugar Estate on the orders of a ‘contractor’. There was a total of 25 passengers.

Arriving at Riche Fond, I noticed a truck traveling at high speed. “Kamion-la finn debalanse ek finn rant lor mo lane. Dan rod evite, kamion-la inn tap an plin avek mwa”, the bus driver told the investigators in the presence of his lawyer.

After interrogation, Deoraz N. appeared before the tribunal de Flacq where an interim charge of manslaughter was brought against him. For a conditional release, he had to provide a deposit of Rs 15,000 and sign an acknowledgment of debt of Rs 25,000.

The mother of Ravichand Baskalawa tells the story in tears. “I tried to save my son but in vain. I saw my son die and I could not save him. He suffered horribly, it was horrible. I do not wish that on anyone,” says Kamlawtee. The autopsy report concluded that the victim died as a result of a shock due to multiple injuries.

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