Allegations Of Police Brutality: Woman Accuse Policeman For Strangling Her


She supports the fact that she intervened to prevent her husband being beaten. However, supports the young woman, she describes the scene as being “muscular” when she was affronted by the police. The scene was filmed and two amateur videos are in possession of the Defi Plus.
Move on, you’re on camera. The alleged escapades of our law enforcement officers continue to be immortalized. An amateur video shows the alleged assault of a mother by a policeman. The incident occurred on the evening of Wednesday, March 16. Mohammad Samad Samodee (41), his wife Swaleha (34) and their 14 year old daughter came home around 18 h 40 that day, on board of their van.

Arriving at the heights of the Apollo Bramwell Hospital, the residents of St Pierre were stopped by three officers of the Eastern DSU for a routine check. Everything went like a normal routine check. The police asked Samad his driving license and vehicle documents. And that’s when things went wrong. One officer, said the father, he reported that, by law, the permissible gross weight must be on the mandatory vehicle. Or, in the case of Samad’s van, it is not visible.
“Linn flank mwa enn kalot”
“« Mo finn desann ek montre polisie ki li vizib. Depi dizan mo roul sa van-la, zame okenn polisie pa finn dir mwa ki li pas vizib. Mo finn dir li ki mo aksepte pou ekrir enn pli gro. Li finn dir li pou pran mwa an kontravansion,” says our interlocutor, who is a fruit merchant like his wife. He claims not having obstructed the police officer from doing his job and accepted the contravention. However, when he took out his cell phone to take snapshots of the paper on which the permissible gross weight is mentioned, he was attacked by the officer.

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“Enn polisie dir mwa pa tir foto ni filme. Mo dir li sa enn prev kan mo al lakour pou prouve ki papie-la vizib ,” said Samad. This is when the officer started the “rush” towards Samad to take his mobile phone. Swaleha and daughter assisting the scene, decided to get out of the vehicle to try calm things down. ” Mo dir polisie-la si li komet enn ofans, pran li an kontravansion trankil. Polisie-la reponn mwa si transpor-la pou mwa sa ek si mwa ki sofer. Apre, linn flank mwa enn kalot dan mo figir,” said Swaleha.

This was the beginning of her ordeal. The police officer then allegedly tried to arrest the woman without really informing the crime she committed. Swaleha tries to resist but, she said, the officer is stronger. His two colleagues assisted the scene motionless and without saying a word. “Li finn atrap mwa par mo lagorz, li trenn mwa lot kote lari. Li empoigne mo seve ek li apiy mwa kont mo van, li dir ‘mo pou touy twa’,” recounts Swaleha.


Mohammad Samad Samodee And Wife-Optimized


“An elbow to the stomach”
Samad tries to rescue his wife who was held down by the neck by the officer, but in vain. Her daughter also tried to remove the arm of the officer from the neck of his mother, but received a “nudge” in the stomach. Fortunately, thanks to members of the public who approached the scene, says the alleged victim, the suspect stopped the fight. Some took pictures and filmed the scene.

The tone rised and some onlookers are quick to point the finger on the offending policeman. “Kan piblik finn koumans intervenir, polisie-la finn larg mwa. Monn telefonn mo avoka de swit. Monn dir ki mo pa pou al ek sa lapolis ki finn trangle mwa la. Lapolis Moka finn vini ek zot dir mwa pran nou van nou ale,” continues Swahela. She said she traveled immediately to the Victoria Hospital at Candos, where she and her daughter have received a Form 58 before receiving care.

Swaleha has several bruises on the body, fingerprints on the neck and a mark on her face. The couple complained to the National Human Rights Commission of police brutality and is represented by Siddhartha Hawoldar.

The Inspector, Shiva Coothen: “An investigation will be opened”
Asked for a reaction, the head of the police communication unit asks the victim to report the assault to the police. Subsequently, said the inspector Shiva Coothen, an investigation will be initiated to shed light on this case. The question of whether a police officer has the right to arrest a woman without the intervention of a Woman Police Constable (WPC), he answers affirmatively: “In exercising a duty, a police officer has the right to intervene if circumstances require action to be taken urgently. For example, if a woman is committing a crime or other offense the officer will then tell her his rights and inform her of the crime of whichs he is accused prior to her arrest. Subsequently, the suspect will be taken to the police station where a WPC will assist. If, during a police raid, the suspect is a woman the help of a WPC will be available.

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