Assault Filmed On Youtube: Victim Relates


The man, the victim of aggression that appears on a video posted on YouTube, has been admitted to treatment in a private clinic by his uncle, the owner of the shipyard in Saint-Julien d’Hotman where he was lynched.
Mason by profession, the victim confided to Defi Quotidien that his uncle had used his services and he was with the company of two colleagues in the construction site when several people including the daughter of his uncle have assaulted him on Thursday, March 10, reproaching him to palaver (palabres). The available YouTube video was recorded by a surveillance camera.


The victim, Dhiraj A., is married with two children and live at Camp de Masque-Pavé. Thursday, March 10 around 8:15 am, the daughter of his uncle and several individuals have beaten him due to the fact of abusing her sexually. The mason denied all allegations. They attacked me with hammers and stones. “Mo pas gagne aucune explication.
Zot juste dir mwa: ki palabre to alle fer ? zot fine kumance batte mwa,” said the victim. The latter said he saw death in the face and could not respond. On site, two other masons saw the aggression adn were helpless. Subsequently other relatives came to stand between the protagonists and to calm things down.
“Jamais mo pas fine fer aukene palabre zot batte mwa après ki madame la fer fausse allégation ki mo rode atrape li. Mo laisse la police les soins fer so travail,” said the victim.

You can watch the video HERE.

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