After His Court Appearance Last Friday: Two Murder Charges Against Tavish Ausman


This 17 years old boy is suspected of being the main author of the double murder of Camp de Masque Pavé who killed Yeshna and Reshma Rughoobin, 14 and 54 years respectively.
Remember, Tavish Ausman, 17, living just a few meters from the residence of Yeshna and was found unconscious in the house of the latter on the day of the tragedy. He is suspected of having mutilated cutter strokes after assaulting Yeshna and her grandmother, Reshma Rughoobin. He was admitted to the ICU of the Dr Jeetoo hospital since February 26.


He was taken to the MCIT yesterday. However, he could not be interviewed because of his health, but also because he has no legal representative.
And the police objected to his release in Bail and Remand Court Room before Magistrate Vignesh Ellayah. Thus, he is held in the juvenile detention center. His relatives have hired the services of Me. Hurnam, it has been said.

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