[VIDEO] In GRNW: Incident Between Passenger and Bus Helper

The scene took place in a bus at Grand River North West (GRNW) on Monday, March 21, morning. It was filmed by a passenger and posted the video on the Web.
A lively clash took place between a bus helper of a private company and a passenger. The dispute started because of a surplus of three passengers in the bus and it is not allowed to carry more than five standing passengersThus, the driver of the bus refused to continue his trip because of fears to pay a fine.
At a bus stop in GRNO, several passengers boarded and the bus helper could not stop them. Since the bus was overcrowded the helper requested a few passengers to get off but they did not comply.
The bus then remained there for about fifteen minutes, according to our investigations. One of the passengers was infuriated because he has fallen behind to go to his workplace. In a fit of anger, he launched to the helper: “To bizin dir to chef met bis zis pou zanfan lekol. Twa to bizin travay. Mwa si mo pa travay, mo fami pa manze.” This was followed by a lively verbal clash between the passenger and the bus helper.

So far the incident has not been reported to the bus company management in question. According to an official of the traffic department of this company, the bus helper should have reported the incident to the nearest police station prior to filing a complaint.
The passenger, he added, had no right to insult the bus helper. “The bus helper will be required to report the case to his superior. In light of this report, we will take the necessary action,” our interlocutor responds.
Narain Ramgoolam, Acting Chief Road Transport Inspector at the National Transport Authority (NTA), unreservedly condemns the attitude of the passenger. The bus helper, he said, behaved in an exemplary manner. Otherwise, he says, the bus could have been taken in contravention due to excess passengers. “The bus helper can make a complaint where the passenger will face a fine. Linn trouv enn madam, li finn abize. Li pa korek,” said Narain Ramgoolam.

Here’s the clip:

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