In England: A Mauritian Missing Since Four Days



Nitin Woocheet, 26 of age, has been missing in England since four days now.

His research is multiplying day by day to find him, Nitin Woocheet, an Airbus engineer aged 26. From Mauritian origin, the young man, who lives in England, is missing since Thursday, March 17.

He was seen for the last time in the area of Fawcett Inn. The british police has launched an APB ( a wanted poster).



The sister of the young man, on the other hand, has shared his wanted poster on the social networks. “We do not know what happened, but Nitin has not returned home. He was with his friends that day, he greeted them but never returned home,” she told the media in Hampshire, England.

Holds a Master
It was after his secondary education at the Royal College of Port Louis that Nitin Woocheet joined his family in England. He was admitted to Queen Mary University where he studied aeronautical engineering. Holder of a Masters in Aerospace Engineering, he worked in the defense and space division of Airbus, based in Portsmouth.

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