Mauritius Turf Club Horse Racing: MBC loses exclusivity to MyT


After the end of the contract between the Mauritius Turf Club to MBC in December 2015, the two parties did not reach agreement during negotiations in January 2016. MTC flatly refused to pay, as they were working together in the past years.

In fact, worldwide, it is rather the television stations that buy the rights for images. For the 2015 season, a sum of Rs 7,000,000 was paid to the MBC by the Mauritius Turf Club to broadcast horse races live.



MTC has explored other tracks and made the decision that the entire horse racing season will be broadcast live and exclusively on the cable channel of Mauritius Telecom, that is, My-T.

The new president of the Mauritius Turf Club, Alain Noël, announced the contract this morning at a press conference at the Champ de Mars.

However, to avoid penalizing the general public, the MTC asked to be offered a free 10 minutes retransmission of each race to the MBC. Now it is up to the MBC to accept for the retransmission of these races for free or need payments. However, the MTC will not accept to pay any sort of fees for the retransmission and it is either take or leave for the MBC.

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