PSC: The List Of 136 New Doctors Unveiled



The exercise was finalized ten days ago and on Monday, March 21, the 136 doctors hired by the Public Service Commission (PSC) started their job in various hospitals across the country. L’Express obtained the names of these recruits and among them include 18 of the 60 doctors employed on a contractual basis by the Department of Health since December (names highlighted). Notably, the son of the Minister of Education, Leela Devi-Dookun Luchoomun, or the niece of another minister is found in the list below.
However, in the areas concerned, it has been indicated that they are more or less satisfied with the list of names. “Several similar names of power have not been retained, such as nieces or nephews of ministers, son of politicians, among others suggesting that recruitment was done properly,” says one representant.


There has been no controversy this time during recruitment such as the one last year when 60 doctors were recruited. At that time, in the areas concerned, they asked about the “coincidences” by recruiting several doctors who are close to people of power. This case was even the subject of a Private Notice Question, especially since more than half of the doctors were waiting for a year and the level of the Higher School Certificate had not been taken into account while recruiting.
When questioned, Waseem Ballam, president of the Mauritius Health Officers Association, said he is pleased with the recruitment of the PSC. Certainly there are some among the new recruits who have waited for a year or two, we need to admit. “But those who have waited for long time have been identified,” he said. He added that the new recruits will relieve doctors already in duty.
It is our responsibility that many of these new doctors should integrate the shift system in the “casualties” department on April 1.

Check the list below:

Doctor list

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