Riche Terre: A Dog Found Hanged; The MSAW Condemns This Cruelty Act


Gruesome end for a dog that was found hanging from a tree on Monday afternoon 21 March in the Jin Fei zone at Riche-Terre.

A dog, a rope around its neck, hanging from a tree. Jaffan Kahn Patan, from the police SSU Motorcycle Patrol Team, discovered this horrible scene while on patrol in the Jin Fei area last Monday, March 21 at 13 h 30.

Accompanied by a police officer colleague, they detached the hanging dog from the tree to lay it down. Jaffan Kahn Patan then informed the central barracks of this macabre discovery.

The dog, says the policeman, was in a state of decomposition and there were marks all over the body:

“Mo finn gayn extra sagrin. Mo finn tir lakord la depi dan so likou. Mo finn anter li. C’est triste. Mo finn koz avek enn kamarad pou al anter li. Mo pa ti ena ekipman boner pou anter li,” says the resident of Vallée-des-Prêtres.



The Mauritius Society of Animals Welfare (MSAW) was alerted to this act of cruelty. A team consisting of a veterinarian from the Ministry of Agro Industry, a part of the Animal Welfare Unit and an officer of the MSAW, made a visit on site.

After a first observation, Chandraseikar Boodeny, an officer at the Animal Welfare Unit, has recorded a statement at the police station in Terre Rouge. The veterinarian of the Ministry of Agro Industry has also examined the animal.

“This dog was on site for more than two days. It was in a state of decomposition. After observation, I made an appeal to the Division of Veterinary Services at Reduit to transport the animal.

“The dog was then placed in a cold room. An autopsy will be performed on Tuesday afternoon, 22 March. A report will be submitted to the police to open an investigation,” said Chandraseikar Boodeny.

Jean Clément Caphane from the MSAW denounces this act of cruelty committed on this animal. He calls for accountability from everyone. According to him, this dog does not deserve a “painful death”.

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