Salary Revision: Final Round For PRB



At the end of March, the highlight will be the publication of the Pay Research Bureau report (PRB) on wages and conditions of employment of civil servants. The necessary arrangements were made for the printing of the document that concerns some 90 000 employees.
PRB staff is currently working hard for the report to be published by March 31. The Council of Ministers will take note of the recommendations a few hours before they are published.
The president of the Government Service Employees’ Association (GSEA), Radhakrishna Sadien, is feverishly waiting PRB’s view on the introduction of a Medical Scheme for officials.


He wishes that officials are free to accept or reject such a plan. In practice, he said, officials must accept pay increases and conditions of service by signing an Option Form.

For the union leader, such a medical insurance plan would contradict government policy in the sense that on one hand, the authorities are investing heavily in the health service sector and on the other hand, officials are encouraged to contract health insurance. He fears that the contributions of officials to such plans will be used to finance the National Insurance Company.
For his part, President of the Federation of public sector, Rashid Imrith, wants the report to be in line with the Prime Minister’s Vision 2030. However, he apprehends surprises, he said, the Ministry of Civil Service has not had any discussions with the trade union federations on changes likely to affect officials. It also deplores the fact that they are still in the dark about the medical insurance plan.

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