Suspected Of 17 Thefts Committed: The Suspect Changed Looks Every Time



He has been playing hide and seek with the police recently. Jean Dovic Anderson, 27, aka Mimi, is suspected of having committed 17 thefts in the region of Pailles and has been finally caught by the police on Sunday, March 13. He wanted to make him unrecognizable by shaving his beard and skull.

Police did not have an easy task to arrest the suspect. Indeed, after months on the run, Jean Dovic Anderson was spotted by the Pailles police. On seeing the police approaching him, the suspect tried to flee. Jean Dovic Anderson found a hiding place a few meters away, in a bush overlooking a river.

The policemen who were in his pursuit were still able to get their hands on the man. He resisted the police during his arrest. While officers tried to get control of him, he tore the shirt of one of them. He was immediately brought to the Pailles police station and taken to hospital for treatment.



The suspect became known to the police for being involved in thefts of all kinds in the locality. Fuel theft, battery theft, snatching … He was wanted for months.

The suspect confessed during questioning, committing a theft at a construction site in Plaine-Lauzun. He said he acted alone in this case and he explained how he deceived the vigilance of the security guard on site before siphoning diesel from vehicles on site. For this, he used two containers, each of a capacity of 50 liters, worth Rs 1 750. The sleuths of the CID suspect him further of committing other thefts on this site.

He also admitted his involvement in battery thefts from a company in Plaine Lauzun. He also confessed the theft of gas cylinders at Pailles. Investigators believe he is also involved in snatching committed in the region. The victims, most of them are women, have not all made a statement to the police station. The procedure of the thief is simple: on a motorcycle, he attacks a prey who is about to board a bus. Asked about his involvement in these thefts, Jean Dovic Anderson denied the allegations. However, he said knowing the authors. The suspect was provisionally charged with theft and the interrogations continue on Monday on several other thefts.

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