Yeshna Rughoobin’s Aunt: “We need money to go back to Australia”


“We risk losing our jobs if we do not return to Australia…” Bannewari Nirmala, the daughter of late Reshma Rughoobin, does not know where to turn her head. She was supposed to fly back to Australia where she lives on Tuesday, March 22, and she finds herself without money to pay for her ticket.



Bannewari Nirmala, her husband, her father and brother went to the government hotel on Tuesday to seek financial aid. Moreover, a letter had been sent to the Prime Minister’s Office in this regard but in vain.

The young woman explained that her family has had to dip into their savings to come to Mauritius after the double tragedy that hit them hard. “Nous n’ avons plus un rond. Nous avons dû dépenser beaucoup lors des funérailles de nos proches,” relates Nirmala Bannewari.

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