Allegations Against Raj Dayal By A Businessman: ICAC In Possession Of A Soundtrack



A testimony was recorded on Tuesday against the Minister of the Environment at the anti-corruption commission. Radio plus and ICAC are in possession of a soundtrack where we can hear a voice attributed to Raj Dayal, saying that he “wants nothing” but would not refuse support in the context of his political activities.

Has the Ex-Minister of environment, Raj Dayal, requested for a non-financial support for his political activities as part of the Holi festival, celebrated on Wednesday in exchange for a green light for an Environmental Impact Assessment ( EIA) permit as part of a real estate project at Gros Gailloux? That’s what the anti-corruption commission is trying to find out after the testimony of a businessman, recorded on Tuesday afternoon.

The Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC) was in possession of an audio recording on Tuesday afternoon that has been given by a businessman who, in his statement, made allegations of “favors” that the Minister of the Environment asked him. The businessman was accompanied by his lawyer, Yousuf Mohamed.

In the soundtrack, we can hear a conversation between two people; one of them is the businessman and the other voice is attributed to the Minister, Dayal.

Debts of Rs 11.5 million to a bank
The businessman claims to have debt after borrowing Rs 11.5 million from a bank for a real estate project at Gros Cailloux. But his project was blocked for three years, for lack of an EIA license. The matter has become urgent for him as the businessman claims not being able to pay his employees at the end of the month.



In his statement to the ICAC, the businessman said that his meeting on Tuesday morning was held at the minister’s office, and that was his second appointment with him, second one in two days . The first meeting was held on Monday outside the premises of the Ministry of Environment.

In the soundtrack, which is in possession of Radio Plus, we can hear the voice of Raj Dayal saying: “Se mwa ki aprouv le EIA. Mwa ki guet sa (…) Pena problem, mo pou trouv enn solision pou twa.”

The other person insists: ” Larg mwa lor Gros-Cailloux. Sa ki nou finn koze yer… mo ena enn sel parol. Kouma la monn rantre mo vinn get ou…”

The caller in front of the businessman then replies, “Li pa koumsa. Nou gete komie to kapav sa. Mo gete kouma mo kapav larg twa.”

The businessman replies: “Je n’ai pas d’argent. Je vous donne ma parole… Je vous donne un terrain.”

The other replies that he: “veut pas de terrain” And adds: “Je ne veux rien. Je tiens des activités politiques. Pour le Maha Shivaratri, j’ai dépensé Rs 1 million, uniquement dans ma circonscription. Le gouvernement ne me donne pas d’argent pour ça.”

He added: “J’ai des activités que tu dois soutenir. Pou fet Holi, mo bizin 50 bal kouler.” The businessman is surprised by these expenses. “Sa bann zafer-la to bizin finanse,” adds the businessman.

On the recording, you hear the two men make an appointment for the next day, that is to say on Wednesday at 17 h 30 at an address corresponding to the house of Dayal.
The ICAC will examine allegations of the real estate businessman and determine whether the voice that can be heard on the soundtrack is that of Raj Dayal.

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