Pravin Jugnauth: “It was appropriate that Raj Dayal resigns as Minister”



Raj Dayal confirmed on Wednesday 23 March that he resigned as Minister of Environment, asked by the Prime Minister. An investigation was opened by the Independent Commission against Corruption after allegations made by a promoter.
What do the other politicians think about this case? For the leader of the MSM, indicating that he spoke with Raj Dayal, it was “appropriate” that he “steps down”. Pravin Jugnauth said that the government will ensure that the investigation takes place in transparency.
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, Xavier-Luc Duval, said, for his part, to trust the justice. Meanwhile, he stressed, the work continues.


Anil Bachoo, former Labour Party minister and direct opponent of Raj Dayal in circonscription 9, said: “Kan ou dan pouvwar ou bizin humble.
Asked on Wednesday evening, the leader of PTr Navin Ramgoolam said Raj Dayal “did the right thing by resigning.” But, he added, “why Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo is still in office.”

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