Roches Noires Case: Navin Ramgoolam Parole Extended Until 14th Of June



They are all three accused of “conspiracy” in the Roches-Noires case. The Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Dev Jokhoo, former DCP, Rampersad Sooroojbally and former PM, Navin Ramgoolam appeared before the magistrate, Cunden at the court of Mapou on Tuesday March 22. In the context of this case, the parole of Ramgoolam and that of Sooroojbally was extended to June 14.



The DCP Jokhoo, former head of National Security Service, has asked to strike out the charge against him. He has said that it “is an abuse of process” because of the “excessive” period of this investigation. And also argued that there is no “prima facie evidence” against him and stressed that this charge will harm him as DCP. The debates around this motion has been set for April 20.

All three were arrested in the wake of the theft at the bungalow of Navin Ramgoolam in Roches-Noires, on the night of 2 to 3 July 2011.

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