[Video] Raj Dayal Believes Being A Victim Of A “Plot”



Raj Dayal announced his resignation as the Minister of the Environment yesterday at 2PM in a press conference. This happened less than two hours after a call for his resignation was sent from the Prime Minister’s Office.

Raj Dayal believes, however, that these are “serious allegations” that are thrown against him. He argues that there is a “conspiracy” to prevent him from doing his job but also seeks to “destabilize the government,” claiming that he has the support of his colleagues in the government.



A businessman accused Raj Dayal of soliciting a contribution in the form of financial support in exchange for a permit to unlock his project.

Asked about his involvement in this investigation, and if it is included on the soundtrack circulating since this morning, Dayal retorted: “Lanket pou prouv tou de A a Z“.


Watch video below after he dismissed as Minister:

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