[HORROR IN Grand Bay] Horror Holiday For Several Families From Reunion Island



Several families from the Reunion Island were “attacked” by a merchant and his entourage on a Thursday, March 17, 2016, in Mauritius. . An incredible story.

Everything starts in the morning and it was raining cats and dogs. Two families find themselves in front of the office of a catamaran ride to the Gabriel Island and two other islands. They were charged 1200 rupees per person, which is about 30 €.

The head of the agency entrusted the money to the owner of the restaurant and then headed the families in the room where other tourists were waiting. The tourists were questioning themselves on the weather and asked if it was going to rain on the islands too or not. The employees argued that they have already contacted their colleagues at the Gabriel Island and they said that it’s sunny. Reassured by these declarations and trusting the employees, the families boarded the catamaran of “Princess Beverly.”



The departure  was at 9 am and the crew serves them a small snack, a biscuit and a drink for each of them. There are about thirty people on board including children (3 to 16 years old). Everyone takes shelter under a tarp that should not be over 1.5 meters and children are placed in shelters inside the catamaran. Meanwhile, the catamaran was flickering a lot and the heat became unbearable in spite of the rain.

It was raining so much that the catamaran became a real ice rink. A young 15 years old girl suddenly slips and falls. She smashed her head violently. After 2.5 hours of rough sailing, the catamaran finally reaches the Gabriel Island. Bad surprise: it was raining a lot. The crew members then asked the tourists to come out and join the island, with only 3 umbrellas for 5 catamarans.

The families asked to stay on the catamaran to eat because of the bad weather. The crew members refused the proposal because of the orders from their boss. They are forced to offer them a turn around and unanimously everyone agrees, prior to calling the boss to relate the situation. The boss urged the crew not to serve anything to eat or drink including children.

At 2:40 p.m, tourists finally return to the mainland and families that have suffered the mishap went to see the boss to ask for a refund. The latter refuses on the grounds that tourists were not allowed to board if they were aware of the weather. He orders the “unhappy” clients to see with their agency for a refund. One of the tourists retorts that she saw the transaction between the agency and the restaurant. She explained that the money is already in possession of the restaurant owner. In turn, the restaurant manager refutes and puts the agency forward for any inconvenience caused.

The families then went in the direction of the agency, 2 meters away from the restaurant. Shortly after, they are literally assaulted by the boss and his entourage. Then comes a surreal scene: a man strangled by two men. A 16 years old child is beaten repeatedly by fellows. A 3 years old child is abused by “aggressors”. Seeing his son being assaulted, the father tries to stop the aggressors and protect his son. He then became a victim of  the “aggressors” with very violent attacks that end up making him lose consciousness. 5 men will continue to beat him after losing consciousness. People who were there (Mauritians and tourists) took risks and protected the family. The injured was taken care by a physician prior to filing a complaint against the perpetrators of the attacks.

According to local people, this restaurant is popular for its indiscretions and this did not happen for a first time. A member of the owner’s family was in prison for a similar story. These unscrupulous owners extort money from Mauritian traders then do not deliver adequate service. They dare put the lives of others in danger for money and they even attack innocent people.

Families who have experienced these nightmarish vacation is still in shock.

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