Series Of Theft In Places Of Worship – Phalad Appalsamy “I Make A Prayer Before Stealing”


Suspected in the involvement of several thefts in places of prayer in the East, this resident of St. Pierre, 47 years old, was arrested last Friday, March 18. During his interrogation, the suspect said to be very religious, although he stole gold and copper deities.
The men of inspector Cowlessur from CID branch Moka, were on the trail of Phalad Appalsamy for a few months now. His operation is simple – with the company of an accomplice, they travel around villages to know where the kovils and mandirams lie because these are real gold mines for him.
Once he has identified the places of worship, they return at night to steal. “Je dis une prière avant de commetre un vol,” said the suspect to the investigators. After making an opening to the places of worship, they scoop up all that is in there: gold statuettes, chains, money, donation boxes …

Considerable Damages Caused
The president of a temple at St Pierre, who made a statement for theft to the police, contends that the suspects made considerable damages before escaping. “The temple, for which I am responsible, was robbed on two occasions. During the first theft in 2013, we had to pay about Rs 100,000 for the repairs. When they entered the temple, they ransacked everything, including bars and statuettes. If they could smash the wall, they would have done it. We spend a fortune to refurbish the place of prayers and to prevent reoccurrence of such acts,” says the head of the kovil.
He added: “Au cours du dernier vol, j’avais fait installer des caméras de surveillance. Malgré cela, les pilleurs ont pu repartir avec bijoux, chaînes, boîtes à donations, le tout d’une valeur de Rs 35 000. Quant aux objets de fantaisie, ils les laissent sur place.”
Another place of worship in Côte-d’Or was the target of these thieves. They damaged the front door and stole statuettes and boxes donations. According to the person in charge of the temple, the temple is in an isolated place, leaving enough time for the burglars to carry out their plan. “I asked the police to carry out frequent patrols in the area.”

Kept in police cells
After explaining his participation in the event of theft, Phalad Appalsamy spent the weekend in police cells. He appeared in court last Monday morning at Moka under a provisional charge of theft. Police had objected to his release on bail, the suspect is held in police cells. His accomplice is wanted.

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