[SHOCKING VIDEO] – Dangerous And Irresponsible Conduct On The Road, Exclusive Video At Floreal


The number of fatal accidents for a small country like Mauritius is shocking. Now that the authorities have always denounced the failure of the Highway Codes for motorists, motorcyclists and pedestrians have to explain this phenomenon. Evidence has often been made and Top TV adds another to the long list of dangerous driving, irresponsible, even criminal on our roads.

The video below shows a motorcyclist who drove his vehicle as if he was on a race track and hit a pedestrian walking violently. All of them ended in a kind of cascade with the motorcycle, the rider, passenger and pedestrian swirling in the middle of the road.

Floreal Motorcycle Accident

Source: TOPFM

Warning: Some images in the video may shock


The incident occurred on Wednesday, March 23 shortly after noon. In the video, one clearly sees a motorcyclist driving at high speed in the area where yet the speed limit is 60 km / h. Having negotiated a bad turn, he violently hit a pedestrian who is thrown into the air.

According to our information, the pedestrian fortunately escaped with minor injuries. As for the inhabitants of the village, they also called for the lack of a claimed curb for years.

Watch video below:


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