Black River: Assaulted By Three Men, They Are Saved By Their Dog


Arrived in July last, she wanted to settle permanently in Mauritius. But after being attacked by three men at her home in Black River, this family has one thing in mind: to regain at all costs their country as soon as possible … These French nationals have decided to speak to avoid having more victims in the area of ​​Black River.
“We escaped death,” says Carine Fabbro. Three men reportedly broke into her house. One of them, she says, would have hit her several times with a machete, as well as her husband, Eric Dagui, helpless in front of the eyes of their two children. Fortunately, they were salvaged by their dog, Filou. Just by seeing the dog, the thugs ran away.
Indeed, the night of Thursday, March 17, at around 21 h 30, the couple thought their time had come. While he was down for a coffee and his wife and children were sleeping, Eric Dagui heard a noise. Two men, dressed as commandos, said the French national, jumped on him to try to tie him. A third, he adds, has hit him several time with a machete. “Luckily I protected my head.”

Eric Dagui alerted his wife immediately. “When I arrived, one of them came towards me to tell me to be quiet. And when he saw our dog, it was a little panic situation for them,” says Carine Fabbro. While the other two men held her husband as hostage, she tried to rescue him but in vain. She has also received several hit from the machete on her hand.
“Seeing Filou that came in our direction, they preferred to flee. I started to scream for attention of neighbors until I no longer see their tracks,” suggests the French national. One of the thugs even smashed a trap by fleeing. “We escaped death. Violence is certainly not the best tool, but you could not do otherwise,” she said.
“There was blood everywhere. I was wounded in the hand while my husband was wounded in the leg. The police quickly arrived after we alerted them,” adds Carine Fabbro. She subsequently had to undergo surgery.
The couple is slowly recovering from the attack but kept the legacy … The children, in turn, are followed by a psychologist. And to feel safe, the family hired a security guard.

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