PMO: Wages Of Rs 102,000 And Rs 114,000 For Beekharry And Maunthrooa



The question was asked in Parliament. And a document filed in the library of the National Assembly, Thursday, March 24, reveals that Beekharry and Dev Prakash Maunthrooa, advisers to the Prime Minister office, receive a monthly salary of Rs 102,000 and Rs 114,000 respectively.

According to the document, Dev Beekharry has the choice between a vehicle-tax or an allowance of Rs 5 950. And the report of the Pay Research Bureau in 2013 stipulates that as a counselor, he can benefit from loan facilities for buying a car. Dev Beekharry also receives a transport allowance of Rs 10,200 and is entitled to free phone calls up to Rs 2000.



Prakash Maunthrooa, for his part, is entitled to an official car with a driver, a fuel allowance (Rs 11,300 for petrol and Rs 9495 for diesel). He receive a sum of Rs 8400 for the driver’s salary. A borrowing facility for the purchase of a car excluding tax may be granted and has a transportation allowance of Rs 10 200. And just like Dev Beekharry, he is entitled to free phone calls not exceeding Rs 2000.

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