Dayal Case: “I was shocked when I read the transcript of the soundtrack,” says The PM



The atmosphere at the parliament was somewhat tensed during the first stage of work, with clashes between the majority and the opposition.
For his first Private Notice Question of the year, the opposition leader Paul Berenger chose the Dayal case. The former environment minister was forced to resign after allegations of corruption were made against him. The businessman, Patrick Soobhany recorded a conversation he says he had with Raj Dayal. “Did you listen to the soundtrack?” Asked Paul Bérenger to the Prime Minister Sir Anerood Jugnauth. The latter had to answer that he “read the transcript and I was shocked. That is why I asked the minister to step down.”
Did the police commissioner  stop that the anti-corruption commission from arresting Raj Dayal, also questioned Paul Bérenger.



According to the Prime Minister, Mario Nobin has not ordered the arrest of the former minister because hehad not completed his statement to the Independent Commission against Corruption.
“No Cover- up.”
“There will be no cover -up,” assured Sir Anerood Jugnauth. “We have a mandate from the people to clean,” he added. A statement which did not fail to react the opposition members. “I will lead my mission. I will ensure that the institutions work properly,” stressed the Prime Minister.
On the other hand, the Deputy Rajesh Bhagwan purple this time. According to him, Rakesh Gooljaury have lobbied Patrick Soobhany. “I do not know,” said Sir Anerood Jugnauth.

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