“TERRORIST THREATS”: ISH Sookun Intends To Sue The Police



“I feel a great relief. My father and mother were stressed. “Ti ena enn gran stress lor zot latet ki finn zordi ale.”

These are the first words of Ish Sookun after the provisional charge of “terrorist meeting” which he was subject of, was abandoned on Monday 28 March in the court of Curepipe.

The young computer engineer now plans to seek compensation in court.

“We said that we will claim for damages to the police. “Nou pou osi rann tou personn ki ti form parti dan sa inquiry la ek ki finn faillir dan zot tache, nou pou rann zot “accountable” parski si c’était pa mwa, si c’était quelqu’un d’autre, mo pa kone kouma lenket la ti pou deroule.”



“Nou bizin fer de sort sa less enn precedent, lapolis pa kapav kontinye travay ek bann arrestation sans preuves,” said Ish Sookun on Radio Plus.

Ish Sookun was arrested on Jan. 23 in the police investigation of the e-mail addressed to the Office of the Prime Minister concerning threats of terrorist attacks in Mauritius.

Erickson Mooneeapillay, his lawyer, filed a motion on February 2 to demand that the provisional charge of “terrorist meeting” to be scratched.

At the appeal of the case on Monday morning March 28, the Curepipe court judge, Prithviraj Balluck abandoned the provisional charge on decision of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

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