Assault On A 14 Years Old Schoolboy, Akhmez Ruhomutally : Sudesh Kumar Chuckowree Released On Bail



He had to provide a deposit of Rs 8000 and sign an acknowledgment of debt of Rs 20 000. Sudesh Kumar Chuckowree, 53, arrested in connection with the investigation into the assault of a schoolboy of 14 (Akhmez Ruhomutally), was released after his court appearance of Port Louis on Wednesday 30 March. A provisional charge of “assault with premeditation” was brought against him.

This inhabitant of Basin Street, Tulsi Lane, Quatre-Bornes, was arrested on Tuesday by the Criminal Investigation Division of the North. During questioning, he confessed.



Last Friday, March 25 the assault took place. The schoolboy was in a car with his grandfather at the intersection of Pamplemousses Street and Pagoda Street, Port Louis. He reportedly asked Sudesh Kumar Chuckowree to move his car because it was blocking the way. The latter, furious, would then grabbed a metal bar prior to hitting him on the head.

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