He Burns His Father With Aftershave: Faizal Durbaree Plead Guilty


He burned his father, Ajam Durbaree to give him a lesson. Accused of “wounds and blows causing death”, Feizal Durbaree, aka Maxwell, was convicted on Tuesday 29 March. The sentence was pronounced by the magistrate, Azam Neerooa at the intermediate court.



The case dates back to the 10th of December 2008. Feizal Durbaree, a resident of Latapie Road, Bon-Accueil, disagreed with his father. Reason: the old man drank alcohol, which did not please him. To teach him a lesson, Feizal Durbaree has inflicted blows and burned him using cologne and aftershave.




At trial, Feizal Durbaree had indicated that he went away from the scene just after committing this act. Only after, he says, he learned that his father had died.

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