Vacoas – A Mother And Son Assaulted By Four Hooded Man


* Kiran, a resident of Vacoas aged 36, is still in shock. He says he was attacked by four hooded men and equipped with swords who broke into his home last Saturday, March 26. His mother, Bindu *, who was sleeping, was also beaten.

It was around 21 pm on Saturday when Kiran surprised the men in his kitchen. He sent a “baba ros kari” in their direction. The thugs fought back and received several blows, including one to the head. “I lost consciousness for a minute or two. When I woke up, I was in my mother’s room and two men were leaning over her, she had a knife at her throat. The other two were busy taking everything they could,” says Kiran.



“My mother started screaming, we were afraid. One of the thugs asked her to be quiet,” says the young man. Their nightmare lasted about fifteen minutes.

After the robbers left with their booty (jewelry and a sum of Rs 40,000), Kiran called his brother who alerted the Vacoas police. The young man and his mother were taken to hospital for treatment.

* Name changed

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