Convicted Of Rape After A Drinking Bout, He Gets 18 years In Prison


It all happened during a drinking session with friends. Louis Georges Grande Oreille was convicted of rape by the intermediate court last Wednesday. And on Thursday, March 31, he was sentenced to serve a sentence of 18 years in prison.
The case dates back to the 12th of December in 2010. Georges Grande Oreille and his friend Marcel Bontemps had gone at a woman’s place for drinking. At one point, the woman and her partner, drunk, decided to take a nap, thinking that the two men had left. However, they stayed and continued to drink.

The woman woke up in shock. Marcel Bontemps was going to rape her. She noticed that George Grande Oreille was watching them. She could not confirm that he had raped her because she had lost consciousness. But she maintained that she was not consent, either with George Grande Oreille or Marcel Bontemps. The latter fled.
In his testimony, George Grande Oreille confessed the rape of the concubine of his friend, stating that the latter was sleeping. He also confessed that the victim was not consent of the act. However, during the trial, he denied outright the allegations against him. The accused was defended by the lawyer, Jaysingh Chummun.

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