“GHOSTS” terrorize Lallmatie

After the episode of the werewolf in 1994, villagers say they witnessed bizarre events this time: two old women in white on white horses, a cart and a coffin …
They can not close the eyes. The terror is installed in the neighborhood of the NHDC of Lallmatie village. The people said that the “ghosts haunt” them every night. The phenomenon has started since three weeks. Some say that they have made sure to check whether what is said is true or not and now, they are green with fear and do not know what to do at nights.
Villagers said they saw two old ladies, each with a white sari on two white horses pulling a cart containing a coffin. 5-Plus visited Lallmatie during the week.
The NHDC neighborhood consists of about thirty houses in the middle of fields near a cemetery. Raj, a laborer and father says he saw the “ghost” while he was burning a cigarette. An experience he does not want to live again.
“It was about one in the morning. I wanted to smoke a cigarette and I came out because my wife and children can not stand the smell of smoke. I was sitting outside when I saw a cart pulled by two white horses. Two old ladies dressed in white saris were sat on the horses. I then found that there was a coffin on the cart. The neighborhood dogs were barking as if they want to bite! They then took the direction of the cemetery that is a few hundred meters from here. I was not wrong. They was ghosts. There is not even a cart nowadays. Can you explain to me what were these two old women doing at a time like this with horses and a coffin? I had to refrain from telling this to children because it was so scary. But the problem is that this phenomenon is going to last.”

Bright light and smoke
His wife Sunita revealed that she does not doubt the word of her husband because she “saw ghosts” too. She said that it was half past midnight when her husband asked her to fetch him water in the kitchen. While returning, she heard a strange noise coming from outside. “Mo finn tann bann son la rou. Kuma dir enn kales ti pe roule. Ti ena osi bann pa. Kuma dir bann zanimo ti pe ris kales la.”
Curious, she spreads the curtains to see what it is before regretting her actions. Sunita sees in turn the cart, horses, old ladies, the coffin. But, she adds, there was like a bright light and smoke that accompanied the phenomenon. “Ti ena enn lespes la fime ek la limier briyant ki ti entour kaless la.”
One of his neighbors underlines that she hears funny and bizarre sounds including terrifying cries every night. The lady explained that she lives alone with her daughter and that every night is a nightmare for them.
“My house is situated along the road. In recent weeks, every night between midnight and two in the morning, my daughter and I hear screams and you can not sleep because we are afraid. She often wakes me saying, ‘Ma, tonn tande pe kriye deor.’ It’s as if people are being tortured! It is by no means that those cries are of dogs who weep. But acute howls and piercing to make you shudder. Mo finn bizin kas baton piyonden mo garde. Tou dimunn pe per dan landrwa.”

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Klaxons and chills
Steve, another inhabitant of the NHDC quarters, says he is going through weird things for three weeks. He recounts his personal experience, when he heard knocking on his door in the middle of the night. “I went out and there was nobody. Later, I heard honking. I looked out of the window and there was nothing. But I have felt like a shiver down the spine this time and I went to sleep in the room of my brother. Kouzin, mo pe dir ou. Bel bel zom inn bizin galoupe ici.”

While most people are caught in fear, Ashok said to be dazzled by the phenomenon he saw. “Mo finn trouv sa de madam dan zot kales. Mo dir ou ti extra zoli. Ti ena enn la fime entour zot. Mo sagrin mo pa ti ena laparey foto avek mwa.”
Apart from this particular case, other people went to see a pandit (Hindu priest). Sunita has herself done this exercise. Pandit have informed us that they are “move Lespri” that are manifesting.
“Pandit inn dir mwa ki existe sa. Ena bann kikenn pe badinn ar lespri bann dimunn kinn mal mor. Sa mem nou pe truv sa bann zafer la,” she explains.

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